Staff of Magius

wooden quarterstaff that had a disembodied golden dragon claw on the top that clutched a pale blue crystal orb


The possessor has the ability to float in the air as lightly as a feather in the spell feather fall when they use the magic word “pveathrfall”, when the staff was used as a club the magic of the staff increases the force of the blow, and with the magic words “Shirak” or “Dumak” the crystal light would turn on and off on the staff as a daylight spell.

It seems that different users of the Staff of Magius gain different powers from it. It might be from the current owner adding more powers to it, or it might have something to do with the creation of the Staff.


The Staff of Magius was created during the First Dragon War by a Silvanesti Elf named Shadra. After she had assembled the pieces of The Obsidian Chest together, she performed the ritual and drew forth the staff just in the nick of time to teleport her party from Bargoth’s lair to safety. Shadra then used the staff to hold off the Chromatic Dragons until the Dragon Stones were given to the elves by the gods of magic. Shadra ended up dying during the war and the staff continued to be passed down from great wizard to great wizard until a wizard named Magius came into possession of it.

During the Third Dragon War, Magius had his staff at his side throughout his life when he changed from Red Robes, Black Robes, Brown Robes, and then finally White Robes. When Galan Dracos captured Magius, the staff was left behind with Huma Dragonbane. Huma would use the staff to destroy the Emerald Orb of Dracos, and then it was left in the care of the Knights of Solamnia. They in turn returned it to the wizards who placed it in the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth

Staff of Magius

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