HolyMan's Dragonlance Campaign

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Well we started this game a year ago at EnWorld.org as a 2nd edition AD&D play by post game. We have since decided to move to the Pathfinder rules. Since pbp is slow I will probably only be updating the adventure log every six months or so.

Chapter 1: The road travels east…

Returning home to Solace after years of futile searching for some sign of the true gods, our wayward companions – Tanis Half-elven, Caramon and Raistlin Majere, Sturm Brightblade, Tasselhoff Burrfoot, and Flint Fireforge are shocked to find the sign they were looking for in the hands of a barbarian princess and her betrothed.

Goldmoon and Riverwind were in possession of The Blue Crystal Staff and on their way to Haven when they stop in the Inn of the Last Home for the night. After performing a song the staff rolled away from within Goldmoon’s cloak and ended up touching the foot of Sturm. The companions had fought hobgoblins that very evening and Sturm was still wounded, until the staff touched him healing his wounds in a divine blue light.

Fleeing the inn and pursuing guards, looking for the staff, the group headed south to spend the night in some caves near Solace. In the morning they continued to follow the road south towards Gateway thinking about taking the staff to the lands of the elves or maybe the Tower of High Sorcery. But the road was being watched by strange new creatures, and the companions were attacked by draconians. After the fight more of the dragon men appeared farther down the road on both sides, so the group fled into the woods west losing their pursers in the mountains. Although troubled they still headed for Gateway.

They reached the city safely and found it in the middle of a festival so they enjoyed themselves as they decided what to do. It was Tasselhoff who discovered a dying plainsman who warned the kender that he must travel to the east to Xak Tsaroth to stop evil’s shadow from cloaking the world in darkness.

So heading east the group stayed clear of the plainsman towns and made their way across the Eastwall Mountains into the swamps around Xak Tasroth, as far eats as one could travel.

Chapter 2: Lost City of the Ancients

Traveling through the swamp they were attacked by a group of small black acid spitting lizards. Luckily no one is harmed and they reached the ruined city of Xak Tasroth safely. Finding every building but one turned into rubble, the group enters the Temple of Mishkal and there receive a divine message…

" to be added soon "

Weary from the days of travel the group rest for the night within the walls of the temple. In the morning they prepare themselves for their…

Chapter 3: Descent into Darkness



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